5 Ways to Get into the “Blacklist”

Of course, abundant choice reigns on the market of hosting services today. Each provider attracts customers by offering a full package of services, quality service and a lot of additional features. And of course, a hosting provider takes benefit if you stay under his “wing” for a long time.

However, each self-respecting company has a number of conditions, the violation of which they do not accept under any circumstances. After all, promoting the violation of the law can not pay off any money. In addition, if you do not familiarize yourself with these rules in advance, you risk not only having problems with the law but also losing the money paid by you for hosting services.

Because violation of the terms of the contract with the hosting companies allows them legally not to refund you the money you spent. In order not to get into the “blacklist” of the provider, read the main common limitations.

5 ways to get into the Blacklist

  1. Illegal site content. Information that your site conveys to visitors may be illegal. Whether it is a pornographic collection, texts or videos of similar content; gambling for money; various scams, etc. – all this can serve as a failure in further cooperation from the hosting provider and your account will be successfully deleted. In addition, if law enforcement agencies get to your site, the provider company will be obliged to provide them with all your data. This can be avoided if you inquire in advance about what kind of information is illegal precisely in the country where your hosting is located. Hosting avoid during Brazil fenig.
  2. Almost every hosting company has a strict anti-spam policy. That is, the uncontrolled mass mailing of unwanted messages from your site will be quickly monitored and the information about this will be reported to the relevant human rights organizations. This reason is guaranteed to playnot in your favor and the hosting provider will have to say goodbye to you. But not always the owner of the site deliberately uses spam. Very often there are cases when the site is hacked and used by ill-wishers for their own selfish purposes. In such cases, you can file an appeal and prove that you are a victim of computer geniuses. Most likely, you will be able to rehabilitate in the eyes of the provider.
  3. Infringement of copyright. In the United States, as in many other developed countries, the use of copyright names, names, music, videos, etc. is limited by law. Most hosting companies do not want problems with the law, so if they find copyright infringement on their server, they will most likely refuse you in cooperation, without waiting for the decisions of the servants of the law. In addition, the use of illegal copies of movies or music tends to generate a large amount of information, increases bandwidth and takes a huge place on the server. And this, in turn, is detrimental to the server hosting provider.
  4. Unauthorized download scripts. This applies primarily to those who located their website on the hosting server itself, and not on a virtual dedicated server. A virtual server gives its owner ample opportunities to administer the site with the help of various programs. But it also requires great skills in building and managing the site on its own. This is not for everyone. As for the rest, you better get acquainted with what scripts your provider uses. If you use unauthorized scripts on your site (for example, to create a chat, interactive polls and other things), then the server will be overloaded. Such scripts, when detected, will be another good reason for refusing to cooperate with you. Of course, in advance, you will receive a warning that must be urgently enforced.
  5. And finally, the surest way to get into the favor of the hosting provider is to perform illegal actions from your website yourself, aimed at hacking or deleting any Internet resources. Especially if you try to hack and gain access to the server where your account is located, the provider’s company will take immediate measures to protect its data and then to delete your account. In addition, using an account for hacking may result in more serious consequences than deleting the account, and the offended hosting provider will take care of this. Hosting drop for Mauritania sofykaqew.


Summarizing the above, we can conclude that any illegal actions from your account will inevitably lead to its death. Be sure to consider these points and check with your hosting provider what actions are considered illegal, and then you can avoid such a fate.

Of course, according to statistics, such cruel punishment is used extremely rarely, usually hosting companies are limited to warnings.

But statistics are not important if we are talking about the fate of your site. Therefore, you should make sure that your interests do not go against the interests of your hosting provider. Better to prevent than to eliminate. And remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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