Once Again About Cheap Hosting

Unlimited hosting for a few dollars a month – is this a reality? Most likely, there is a catch somewhere. Is the provider ready to provide storage of your files, processor bandwidth, gigabytes of RAM, software and technical support for only a few dollars a month? So why is the hosting business remains so profitable and interesting for entrepreneurs?

I will try to answer this question and reveal a few secrets of the hosting business

Cost of servers (software and hardware)

As a rule, no hosting company will skimp on server quality and software reliability. Because it is the key to successful server operation and because it will have to host hundreds or even thousands of accounts. If the server is fully loaded, it will easily pay off within one month.

Despite the fact that servers, software and its licenses are very expensive, they pay for themselvesmostly in virtual hosting, which can accommodate a huge number of users, whose maintenance, in fact, turns out to be almost free of chargefor the company.

Support cost

Perhaps the most expensive thing in hosting is not equipment or bandwidth, but staff. These are customer service staff and data processing center staff. Such specialists should work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and answer your questions, solve occurring problems. Bearing in mind how many accounts are located on the server, you can imagine how many issues the support service has to solve daily. And again, virtual hosting comes to the rescue. It practically does not spend human resources, since everything works according to a well-oiledscheme. Hosting meet into Nepal coniha.

The cost of “dead accounts”

Even if we assume that server resources are fully occupied and allocated to accounts, this does not mean that the server is fully loaded. A goodly portion of accounts registered on the server does not use its resources at all or uses them too little. Perhaps their owner moved to another hosting and did not close the account, maybe he just abandoned his site and its bandwidth is so small that it does not cost the company a nickel. In this case, the hosting provider still takes the subscription fee from customers who have not deleted their account.


Shared hosting is cheap precisely because it is the main part of the hosting business. Its resources contain the bulk of accounts, and they cost companies very little.

Although hosting business is certainly not the cheapestone and requires a lot of money, thanks to a successful and planned calculation hosting companies receive a huge profit from their activities. And the more customers they can host on their virtual or physical servers, the more willing they will be to lower prices for their services and we are happy to watch this. Hosting serve by Ireland retihesiqycyvy.

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