Privacy policy

We think that the answer is obvious here. The document regulating the processing of personal data of users and posted on the site is nothing more than the rules of the game, which are established by the owner of the site in relations with users. The purpose of fixation and placement of such rules is to reduce the risks of personal data legislation, if necessary, to repel consumer extremism.From a legal point of view, the name of the document regulating the processing of users ‘ personal data does not matter. The rest is a matter of taste of each site owner. From my part, I can highlight the title of “privacy policy” due to its capacity, the widespread use and understandability for the user.

For your information, we assume the confidentiality of your personal information, but you need to know that when you use satellite services, the website receives all the necessary information about you. This page completely protects your personal data and can not be transferred to any person, as this page is completely confidential.

All websites like satellite service store all your personal information that is opened by all visitors to know approximately how many pages visitors read for each visit. But not our website, we do not store your information, as it is very sensitive for our visitors. (When you use the comments’ column, you don’t have to use email because you can use the initial names, so that other users can’t abuse your data.

There are advertisers such as Google Adsense, they use web beacons to show ads that matter to your interests, for example, such as, “technology”, so ads that are relevant to your interests are more visible, and when you read news articles, the advertising adapts to the article you are reading.

Rule the column “comments».

We provide readers of news articles with a free space to Supplement comments to the posts. To prevent incorrect arguments from getting into our article, we are modernizing, in order to prohibit the publication of such comments as obscene speech and humiliation of other parties. Only comments that comply with applicable Indonesian law will be uploaded.

In the comments, you can specify the initial names, or the real names, but that other users do not abuse your personal data, you should use the original names. It is not necessary to specify e-mail to participate in the comments.

We think you understand satellite policy. We always try to maintain the confidentiality of your data and in any case will not trade with others.