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WordPress –is a CMS ( Content Management System), which is most often installed on virtual hosting. Many large hosting companies support the automatic installation of WordPress, to show customers their friendly attitude to this CMS.

What hosting features do I need to install WordPress?

WordPress has a small number of requirements for installation. It will be much more difficult for you to find a hosting that does not support WordPress than it does.

To deal with the question of choosing a hosting for WordPress, in the article we will look at the technical requirements for hosting: minimal, advanced and special set.

Minimum WordPress Hosting Requirements

On the official website there are only three requirements for hosting. Here they are:

  • PHP version 4.3 or higher
  • MySQL version 4.1.2 or higher
  • Mod_rewrite apache module

Of these three, only two are actually minimum requirements. Mod_rewrite is used for the “permalink” function in WordPress but is not required. You can install WordPress without it, just the URLs on the blog will be with the end of the form?P = 123.

The two minimum requirements are not exorbitant. For example, at the time of writing this article on March 2011, the PHP version was 5.3.6, and MySQL 5.5.10.

Thus, hosting should have MySQL and PHP, but WordPress requires very old versions to work properly. PHP 4.3 was released at the end of 2002, and MySQL 4.1.2 in May 2004. In short, if your hosting company has deigned to update PHP and MySQL in the last 6 years, then it is suitable for your blog. Hosting spend towards Bolivia xapow.

From the practical point of view, the only real requirements for hosting are the installed mod_rewrite module for working with permalinks.

The above-mentioned requirements ensure that WordPress will work. If you want the blog to work without failures and problems, then read the following requirements.

Hosting Requirements That Make WordPress Better

In addition to the minimum requirements, there are several informal requirements for your server to avoid most problems with WordPress.

Linux: WordPress certainly works on Windows. On the official website, there is an installation instruction (in English). It’s just that the installation and maintenance of WordPress run more smoothly on a Linux server. For WordPress, which is done in PHP, Linux is the best choice.

Apache: Of all the web servers, Apache is the most desired for WordPress. WordPress can work on LiteSpeed ​​and even faster than Apache, but the installation process is more complex and there is no official manual.

FTP access:For the convenience of working with a blog, you will need FTP access. Many themes and plugins can be installed on WordPress without FTP access, but for maximum flexibility, FTP access is required.

Convenient control panel: Whether with Panel, Plesk or any other, a good control panel will help make your WordPress life much easier. Especially when it comes to creating and maintaining a WordPress database. Hosting offer during Indonesia tubusykaneg.

Hard disk space and Traffic: WordPress itself weighs only a few MB, but if you really want to use it for your blog, you will need disk space for all images, sound files, etc. Make sure that you have enough space so that you will not experience difficulties in the future.

Almost all of the above requirements are included in the most common configuration of hosting in America.

Hard disk space and bandwidthmay seemto be the only real problem, but in fact, they are not. Even the largest blog requires only a few GB of space which is much less than most American hosting companies offer. They offer completely unlimited plans.

You can learn more about unlimited plans in hosting reviews.


I will give you an example of a blog on WordPress, which is aimed at the Russian-speaking audience and is hosted in America. Its address is Pay attention to the number of tweets, which indicates the popularity of the blog, and hence its attendance.

The following screenshot was taken in the Whois service Pay attention to the server names, they point to the American Bluehost hosting.

You probably already know that my WordPress blog at is located on the FatCow server. Hosting turn around Kuwait loremonet.

WordPress is unpretentious to the hosting. Most hosting plans go far beyond the minimum requirements.

It remains for you to choose a hosting that can satisfy your needs for hard disk space and traffic. Well, also, so that it contains the specific functions you need, such as SSL or an unlimited number of email addresses.

American hosting plans provide unlimited traffic and unlimited space for your sites. If you are not afraid of communicating in English with customer support and you have a bank card, then the choice of hosting for WordPress in America is obvious.

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