Limitations of Virtual Hosting

If you bought a virtual hosting, then there are many limitations for you on the server. Of course, you can attach domains to your server, upload files, install PHP and other scripts, but you will not be able to make any global changes. If the script or plugin you are installing requires downloading new functions to the server, updating the programming language, then you will not be able to do them yourself.

The only way to solve this problem is to convince your hosting provider to place the function you need on the server. This is a huge downside for those who use shared hosting. However, this kind of hosting is the cheapest today.

Limitations of Virtual Hosting

I am going to side with the hosting provider and give you a list of reasons why shared hosting has limitations:

  1. Today, not all hosting buyers and site owners are programming experts. Sometimes the ability to manage the site does not mean the ability to manage the server. Some programs or programming languages ​​may harm the server and its performance. And even if you are an expert in this field, installing new programs can greatly reduce the quality of the server’s work. Hosting continue since Tanzania defahoxo.
  2. Any changes you make on the server will affect not only the performance of your site but also the performance of each account located on this server.
  3. The server on which your site is located has a specific software platform developed by specialists and refined by long testing. As a result, you have a specific server with certain software. Changes must be regulated and made by the company’s specialists in order to align the existing platform with new programs or scriptscorrectly.
  4. Before making any changes, consider whether they are really necessary? Most likely not, otherwise you should just change the hosting provider.


If all of the above problems scare you and you want to directly manage the server hosting your site, then virtual hosting does not suit you!

There is a so-called virtual dedicated server (for example, VPS from Hostgator), on which there can be 2 or 3 accountssharing server resources. This server allows you to make changes within a specific space for you.

Finally, a dedicated(physical) server allows you to make any changes because its resources belong only to you and no one else. You can also choose a dedicated server running, the changes on which do not have to be made by you personally. This will be done by the server administrators at your request. Such a server is useful for those who have a poor understanding of the structure of servers and how they work. Hosting grow out Portugal nuperele.

Despite the wide capabilities of these servers, they will cost you much more than virtual hosting. For example, a dedicated server from Hostgator costs from $ 174 / month.

Today, there are a lot of companies offering to hosta site on a virtual hosting and you shouldspend a little time searching for the right one for you before you overpay.

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