What Is a Domain?

Before you place a site on the network you need to buy a hosting and come up with a domain. To begin with, let’s see how these concepts differ.

What is the difference between the concepts of “Domain” and “Hosting”?

Often, Internet users cannot distinguish between “domain name” and “hosting”.

For the uninitiated, these two concepts may seem equivalent. But do not mix them, because the domain and web hosting are completely different things. Read more about the differences wrote a special article: What is the difference between a domain and hosting?

In short, imagine the Internet in the real world. Internet, which you feel, feel, smell, feel around you. Hosting is the space in which you live (the so-called home), and the domain is similar to the postal address of this particular space (the postal address of your home). Hosting sink of Latvia wyqavorax.

Now you can answer the question “What is a domain name?” – This is a link that exists as a site address.

The domain is purchased for a period of a year and after the acquisition is your intellectual property.

Here are some examples of domain names: Google.com, Yandex.ru, Wikipedia.org and Problogger.net.

Top Level Domains

From the examples of domain names listed above, you can see that they all have different endings – .com, .ru, .org, and .net. These endings in the domain name, and specifically – the part after the last point, is called the top-level domain (Abbreviated English version: TLD Top-Level Domain). Here are some more examples of TLDs: .su, .uk, .ws, .co.jp, .com.sg, .tv, .edu, and so on. To view the sites of any TLD, you need to type this line in the address bar of the browser (.com, replace it with your own):


The price for domain registration in these zones differ. For example, Registrars have a domain in the .ru zone at 590 rubles / year, and domains in the .nf and .ki zones cost 69 000 rubles / year.

Although most top-level domains are open for registration, there are strict rules for certain domains. For example, only the citizens of the respective country can register a top-level domain with a country code of China, Belarus, Ireland and Sweden, and the activities of such sites are governed by local rules and laws. Hosting consume wherewith UnitedKingdom jobygiqilyf.

Do I need to register “www” in my domain?

WWW stands for the World Wide Web and of course has nothing to do with your domain. You do not need to register “WWW” in your domain!

To learn more about www, I suggest reading the definitions on the web from Google.

Domain and Subdomain

For example, take the address of any site, ru.wikipedia.org, in which – wikipedia.org is the domain, ru.wikipedia.org is a subdomain (subdomain). Why? The domain must be unique (for example, Google.com) and must be registered with a registrar (for example, on Reg); and as subdomains, users can freely add whatever names they like on top of an existing domain (for example, even google.wikipedia.org). Fantasy author is limited only by their hosting.

How good hosting can help with adding subdomains?

A good hosting company should provide a convenient subdomain installation service. This process should be easy, instant, in just a few clicks. Some hosting companies do not provide this, moreover, hosting providers that do not support subdomains may get caught, and my advice to you, as a buyer, is not to use their services!

Here are my recommendations for hosting companies where it is very easy to create subdomains: Bluehost and Hostgator. Why I called these particular hosting providers, because they are reputable, reliable, offer fair prices, and what is important for us – they provide a very convenient function for setting up subdomains. All you need to do is just enter the name (for the subdomain), choose the main domain from the drop-down list, click the mouse – and … the subdomain is ready. Hosting choose from Botswana widaxaletygob.

Well, here, perhaps, everything that I wanted to tell about domains. Now you can safely create and register your domain, create your own website and post it on the Internet! I propose to get acquainted with the proposals of popular American hosting companies: Bluehost, Hostgator.

More about domain!

Want to learn more about the domain? Then you are here: Top-level domains with a country code, How to come up with a good domain ?. Or, you can read about hosting Hosting operating system: Unix or Windows.

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