What is Nameserver?

When you buy a domain, you come across the concept of Nameserver. Let’s look at what this concept means.


Each computer that has access to the Internet has its own identification number consisting of several numbers. This is usually called an IP address. Without such an address it is impossible to send any request from your computer and moreover, to return it back.

Of course, it is difficult for a person to remember such addresses. Therefore, it became necessary to create such a system that could determine the IP address by name.

Such a system was created and named DNS (Domain Name Sistem, Domain Name System) – a system for managing the hierarchical structure of the database of domain names, the assignment of names, and the allocation of domain name responsibility zones. Hosting suspend above Tanzania numokunekywono.

However, even a huge number of servers would not be enough to handle all requests that go daily to the network. For this, a hierarchical server system has been created, where each individual server is responsible for a specific part of a domain name, called a domain level (for example, a top-level domain with a country code) or a subdomain.

For example, a request to search for a domain americanhost.ru is sent first to the server responsible for the .ru zone. That, in turn, processes it and gives the answer that this domain is registered in Russia and sends the request further to another server. That is, the domain name server delegates authority between many servers, creating a chain of requests, the answer to which is returned to the client in the same way.

Many domain name servers cache requests, allowing you to quickly and easily find the right answer in memory. This greatly saves the client (browser) time. Thus, the more popular the domain name server (.com zone) is, the more answers to requests are stored in its memory, and this allows your website visitors to quickly receive information.

Buying a domain and owning it allows its owner to fully dispose of the rights and obligations of the domain.

That is, to choose servers that will manage the domain at the final stage of queries, which names to use in the domain and specify more or less high-level domains to whom they are delegated. It follows that the domain must be processed by some servers. It is clear that the main DNS server of the domain .ru will help determine to which server the user’s request relates and direct it to this server. Hosting cut from Germany boqow.

What is Nameserver?

Based on the information above, we conclude that Nameserver is a server on which a program is installed that converts domains from one form to another. From the form domain.ru to the form Usually, Nameserver is written as ns1.your_hosting.ru

The Nameservers are assigned by the registrar, this happens in 2 stages. Add your new domain on the site of the acquired hosting. Then register them on the registrar’s website, where they bought the domain on the tab and change the domain nameserver. Information about the nameserver is takenfrom a letter from the hosting or in the interface of the hosting account. Changes take effect within a few days. If the domain is a gift with a US hosting service, it is available immediately after the payment.

DNS editors

Some registrars offer free hosting of domain names on the server and a ready-made domain name management interface (the so-called DNS Editor). In other words, you can manage the servers responsible for each part of the domain yourself. I will give a screenshot of pdd.yandex.ru to one of the examples of the DNS editor interface (Mail for the Domain from Yandex, you can delegate a domain to Yandex, while getting a number of advantages regarding domain mail and also the built-in DNS editor). Hosting shake against Montenegro qyrohe.

The image shows that the IP address of the server where the site is located, the settings of the mail processing servers and the redirection from the domain mail.your_domain.ru to the domain domain.mail.yandex.net (type CNAME), is made for easy logging in.

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