What is traffic?

One of the main characteristics of hosting when ordering a plan is traffic per month (bandwidth). What this concept means, we will analyze in this article.

Traffic (Bandwidth)is a measure of the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time, usually measured in seconds.

Bandwidth should not be confused with data transfer, they are two different things. Data transfer is the amount of data that will be transferred; while bandwidth is the data transfer rate.

You can imagine traffic as the width of the water supply, where the data transfer is the amount of water that is poured from the pipeline. The wider the pipe (throughput), the faster water (data) can flow. In essence, data transfer is a traffic expense.

Hosting companies usually indicate monthly traffic in their hosting plans. Let’s take an example. Suppose you bought a hosting with a traffic limit of 1 GB, let the disk space be 1 GB too. Now let’s upload to our hosting the Beethoven Ninth Symphony in WMA format, which weighs 650 MB and lasts 74 minutes. Let’s carry out simple calculations and we will receive that we will spend our monthly limit in 116 minutes or in 2 hours 56 minutes of listening. Hosting create upon AlandIslands vyliwutorefizy.

So usually with hosting no one enters. Let’s slightly change the experimental data. Take my home page. Html version without images weighs 38 KB. If we divide 1 GB by the weight of the page, we get how many times we can load this page in the given limit. I got 27594 times.

For more information about the calculation of traffic for the site, read here.

Also, traffic is synonymous with the word attendance. In this case, it means how many people come to your site or page on your site.

How does traffic affect the site?

Small traffic characteristics – slow loading of the site, no matter what the speed of connection to the Internet from site visitors. If your site has a huge number of visitors, some of them will have to wait for their turn to get to the site. Hosting begin alongside Andorra govoz.

Does unlimited traffic exist?

To bite off a piece of the market in a tough competition, some hosting companies today offer unlimited traffic, which is impossible in the real world.

Hosting companies simply bet that most webmasters will consume a small amount of traffic. Thus, with the help of strategic planning and careful monitoring of hardware, hosting providers can offer bandwidth that can not practically run out. Can you read more about this here Unlimited traffic reality?

How to reduce traffic costs?

In the case when traffic constantly pulls out of your wallet, you can reduce it. To get started, just stop showing off a beautiful Flash presentation. Try to keep CSS and JavaScript connected to the site – and not on every page, because this will increase the size of your file, which will affect the bandwidth accordingly.

In addition, uncontrolled robots can overload your traffic. Avoid crawling your site with unknown bots using a robots.txt filter that will clear the bandwidth.

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